Asthma/Breathing problem

This archive contains a list of products that help in the Treatment of Asthma.
At Rangoli Ayurved, we provide a supportive treatment for Asthma or breathing problems. You can start getting relief from your Asthma or breathing problems in 4-5 days by having Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Tonic.

Note To Customers: Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Tonic helps to reduce and gradually eliminate use of inhalers; but you must continue taking it. Along with Jeevan Sudha and Body Oil, it is a must to have 10-12 glasses of water, after having half a Marie biscuit in regular intervals of an hour throughout the day.

How To Use

You must intake Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Salve 4-5 Times a day, 20-30 minutes after your meals and apply Rangoli Body oil thoroughly on your chest and back twice daily. The dosage will differ for babies: 2-3 drops for 2 times a day.

Age Restrictions

People under the age of 25 should use Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Normal Tonic.
People over the age of 25 should use Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Special Tonic
For Babies, use Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Normal

Rangoli Jeevan Sudha Healing Salve does not have any side effects and can be taken by any gender and age group.

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